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12 - 14 October

In the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco
and H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

Following up on the UN Ocean Conference in New York, our countries will move from words to action in facilitating the exchange of experiences and know-how in dealing with the preservation of our seas. 

The Conference will focus on science, business as well as cultural activities, highlighting the links between the Baltic and Mediterranean seas 

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Research Symposium on the Impact of Climate Change
on the Marine Ecosystem.

High Level Business Seminar on Sustainable Shipping focusing on “The Transition towards an Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Shipping Industry – Practices and Policy Implications”.

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H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

The day will be split into 3 panel discussions 

Panel 1: Solutions for the Oceans 

  Effectively addressing the multiple and interacting pressures on the oceans require the mobilisation of diverse competencies, capacities and knowledge systems. Traditional conservation approaches, rational use of resources, innovative technologies and new partnerships, are all needed. During this session, we will explore and learn from a number of proven and scalable solutions that generate ecological,
social and economic benefits.


Vanessa Rothschild, H&M Conscious 

 Inger Andersen, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

H.E. Mr Bernard Fautrier, Vice-President and CEO, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation 

Karolina Skog, Swedish Minister for the Environment

Lisa Svensson, Director Ocean, UN Environment

Henrik Österblom,  Associate professor & Deputy Science Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre (moderator)

Panel 2: Future of Seafood

Seafood brings benefits to both human health and environmental sustainability. Increasing pressure from pollution and over-fishing as well as climate change threaten global stocks and also future potential for aquaculture. This session will discuss the future of seafood and how can we learn from each other to make changes that are needed to move towards sustainable seafood systems.


Patrick Rampal, President, Monaco Scientific Center

Jonas Hentati-Sundberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

                               Florence Huron, Programme Coordinator, Mr.Good Fish

Sébastien Ferraz, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Mr. Lagosta

Max Troell, Associate Professor, Beijer Institute/ Stockholm Resilience Centre (moderator)

Panel 3:  The Business Case for the Oceans & Next Steps

Insights and Perspectives from leaders: The United Nations hosted the Ocean Conference in June 2017 and collected significant voluntary commitments. How do we move forward to ensure that we see change in our seas and keep the momentum through 2030. 


Fredrik Lind, Boston Consulting Group

Tom Erixon, President CEO Alfa Laval 

Manfredi Lefevre d'Ovidio, Executive Chairman, Silversea Cruises

Anne-Maria Salonius, The Bank of Åland

Lisa Svensson, Director Ocean, UN Environment

Guy Herrouin,  Pôle Mer Méditerranée 

Lisen Schultz, Research Fellow, Stockholm Resilience Centre (moderator)


Sweden and Monaco share a deep commitment to the
preservation of our oceans as well as a clear intention to support the
implementation of sustainable development goal number 14 of the Agenda
2030 - SDG14. The two countries also have a strong will to engage
government agencies, academia, companies and civil societies in these
efforts as a broad approach that has proven to be key to success.

By organizing a follow-up event to The Ocean Conference in New York
in June 2017, Sweden and Monaco wish to join hands in moving from words
to deeds in facilitating the exchange of experiences and know-how in
dealing with the preservation of our oceans.

At the core of our attention  lie the Baltic and the Mediterranean
Seas - and the links between them. Strong local ownership and commitment
to improve the situation in the Baltic and the Mediterranean Seas has
led to dedicated research and concrete, solutions-oriented cooperation
between actors across the board – governments, regional and local
authorities, academia, agencies and companies.

By focusing on the local level – the Baltic and the Mediterranean
Seas – the conference will draw conclusions and showcase proven and
scalable solutions with both ecological and economic benefits. The
results and the solutions produced locally are, however, most likely to
have strong relevance for other seas and oceans. The conference in
Monaco in October will thereby contribute to create momentum for global
action to implement SDG 14.

On this occasion a forward looking Swedish-Monegasque Cooperation
Agreement in the area of SDG 14 will be signed by the governments of the
two countries.

In connection with the conference an array of business oriented as
well as cultural activities focusing on sustainable innovations will
take place.

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Ms. Karolina Skog
Swedish Minister for the Environment

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Ms. Marie-Pierre Gramaglia
Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development of Monaco

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Mattias Klum
Nature Photographer

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Carl Folke
Director of the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics/ Science director, Stockholm Resilience Centre

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H.E. Mr Bernard Fautrier
Vice-President and CEO, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

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Lisa Emilia Svensson
Director Ocean, UN Environment

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Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio
Executive Chairman, Silversea Cruises

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Barbara Jackson
CEO, Race For The Baltic

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Fredrik Lind
Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

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Professor Patrick Rampal
Président, Monaco Scientific Center

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Tom Erixon
President and CEO, Alfa Laval

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Mr. Mattias Landgren
Swedish State Secretary for Infrastructure

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Inger Andersen
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

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Florence Huron
Programme Coordinator, Mr. Good Fish

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Sébastien Ferraz
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Lagosta

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Vanessa Rothschild
H&M Conscious

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Henrik Österblom
Associate professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre

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Lisen Schultz
PhD, Stockholm Resilience Centre

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Max Troell
Associate Professor, The Beijer Institute/Stockholm Resilience Centre

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Jonas Hentati Sundberg
Associate senior lecturer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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Guy Herrouin
Pôle Mer Méditerranée

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